Thursday, 20 March 2014

An evening in with ELLE

So I hadn't got round to reading this months issue of ELLE yet, and I went to the supermarket today to do some shopping.  I swear I just needed therapy just to cope with that. Everyone at a supermarket, especially when armed with a trolley, is akin to a lion hunting for prey, facing their last ever meal. I was on tenterhooks at the prospect that round every corner there was someone else waiting to ram a trolley full of shopping into my rear end. Anyway, that aside I thought I would treat myself to some relaxation time,so purchased ELLE, and bought 3 new Barry M nail varnishes. I'm especially excited to try my baby blue hi-shine polish in the next few hours or so- getting into the pastels vibe now we are getting well into spring. I also like to light a few candles, so lit my Waxed Lyricial Spiced Berry candle and a No.2 Vanilla scented one. Silence, fruit, and a hot choccie ( I just bought the new Options Belgian hot chocolate Brownie one-highly recommended, it's like heaven in a mug, and for only 60 calories!!) and my relaxing evening is all set.

Frankie xXx

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