Thursday, 13 March 2014

MAC Lipstick: An Addiction

Ok, so it seems only right that my first official beauty blog post should be dedicated to a life long passion of mine, MAC lipsticks. It is something that my friends know me all too well for, and an addiction I have suffered from for the last 6 years, but not one I'm looking to remedy anytime soon. Now I've tried all the other make-up brands, from Chanel, to Rimmel, Nars, the list goes on, however, something always seems to bring me back to MAC. I think something that MAC offers in this respect as opposed to other brands is a variety of finishes, as well as a vast array of different shades. I think, so far to date, my collection is in the late 20's, reaching the 30 mark, and I'm sure once I've hit this milestone I'll celebrate by buying yet another MAC lipstick (happy birthday?).

So the finish I tend to go for is Matte, but coming up to spring time I like to use more of the Satin and creme sheen and lustre finishes, mixed in with some of the frost ones on the occasion. Some of the lipsticks are better than others admittedly, there are certainly pitfalls with them, even the most popular. 

(From left to right: Flat Out Fabulous, Mehr, Fabby, Lovelorn, Russian Red, Riri Woo, and Relentlessly Red)

Above are probably my most used and favourite out of my whole collection. 
Flat out fabulous is a matte finish, one of the newer editions to the MAC matte collection, and it's just a really nice purpley fuchsia colour, good for day and night, though quite dry so lots of lip primer is needed. 

Mehr is a really good deep pink, another matte, something I think is really nice for day, maybe interviews as well because it is reasonable neutral. One of the better finishes of the matte selection, doesn't dry or crumble on your lips at all. 

Fabby is a really pretty frost finish, something I like to wear in the summer with minimal make up, similarly to Lovelorn, the coral/pink creme-sheen colour next along, which goes really well for people with tanned skin, or if you've fake tanned and are looking a little sunkissed. 

Russian Red is my all time favourite. Not the most wearable in terms of adaptability to different skin-tones, it's quite a deep colour so wouldn't recommend it for the fair skinned of you out there, but it is a really nice blue under-toned red, matte finish, doesn't flake at all. It's my go to for any outfit on a night out (mostly because I predominantly wear black). 

Riri Woo, or Ruby Woo (they are the same- just Rihanna's edition) is a lovely colour. The most adaptable by far, matches really well to all skin tones. One thing I would say is it is very dry, so therefore lots of re-applications, get's crumbly on the lip etc. Not so good if leaving the house a lot, having to take primer, and lipstick etc. and continual re-applications.

Relentlessly Red, a similar sort of situation with Riri woo, in that is is very dry. But a really nice brighter shade, quite similar to Lady Danger, a good pick for the fairer skinned, especially those with fair skin and mousy brown or blonde hair. 

If anybody has any other good lipstick suggestions, please let me know, I always need an excuse to go out and buy more.



  1. What a fab collection! I love lipsticks also and I will use any excuse to buy!

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks Keisha! Any lipstick suggestions welcomed

      Frankie xXx

  2. I'm thinking about investing in a MAC lipstick but havent plucked up the courage to part with my money and there are so many choices to pick from
    Beth xx

    1. You definitely should! If it's a first one I'd go for a staple choice, a red like MAC red would be a good first purchase! X