Sunday, 16 March 2014

Candice Swanepoel make up- becoming an angel... well, close enough

When you're little, you have dreams of when you grow up of becoming a princess. However, when you get older, that dream begins to evolve and now the ultimate dream is to be part of the Amazonian elite- a Victoria's Secret Angel. Something seems different strutting down that catwalk with little left to the imagination, than if you appeared in the Sun on page 3. Without delving into any politics involved with that debate (I like to avoid being in the midst of controversy at all costs), it remains true that everyone wants to be one of the VS models. My personal favourite, though Adriana Lima comes in a close second, is Candice- so I thought I would try my hand at recreating one of her make up looks. It is actually a lot more dramatic and less angelic (excuse the pun) than the make up looks often debuted on the catwalk, but I've always been a big fan of a smokey eye.

So here's just how to do the eye part:
1) For the eyebrows I used a Bodyshop brow and liner kit number 2 in Brunette and brown (using the brunette colour), I used the angled brush that comes with the kit and actually started my brows just beyond the line following up from the cornea of my eye (her's are quite long) and then just creating a bit more of an arch than I would have normally. 

2) I primed my whole lid right up to the crease with Urban Decay Primer potion, just working it in with my finger. I then placed some sellotape (trust me it works) at an angle following my lower lash line so you would end with a nice butterfly effect.

3) I used shaded in my crease with a Mac 217 blending brush with a mixture of both Mac Swiss Chocolate, and Mac Texture.

4) I then packed on Mac grain onto the centre of my lid just to create a bit of highlight using the Mac 239 brush.

5) Using the same 217, I  started working Mac bronze just in the outer corner of my eye, right up to the crease, creating some more shadow, blending that out up until the centre of my eye.

6) I then swept Mac Knight Divine in outer half of my lid, and then using a 231 brush to bring that colour underneath my eye right up until the cornea. I then took a lighter shade (Electra) on the first half of my lid. On top of this I put some Idol Eyes just in the centre of my lid to create an illusion of larger eyes.

7) Using an angled brush (or the same 231) I created black eye liner right around my eye with Urban Decay Blackout. Then wing the line out following the edge of the sellotape right until a few mms underneath the end of your brow. Then blend this black out with a clean 217.

8) Highlight the brow bone with Brulé using a 219, then take the same brush and take a small amount of Shroom and place it on the inner corner of your eye.Then take Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eyeliner in Peversion and line the whole way around your waterline (bottom and top), and just below the water line on both the bottom and top and smudge it out with the 231.

9) Finish off with mascara, I used YSL False Lash effect in black.

Complicated I know but the smokey eye had quite a lot of depth to it (warm bronzey tones and cool silvery tones). This sort of make up look would be good with an LBD and maybe some Burgundy nails and Burgundy suede platforms (you need some colour in there somewhere).

The lipstick is Myth by Mac, a Satin nude colour. 

Here is a picture of all the other make-up products I used, and thanks for reading!

Frankie xXx


  1. Gorgeous look! I love dramatic eyes...especially when paired with a nude lip. You really nailed it.

    Keisha xo