Thursday, 10 April 2014

Achieving skin perfection, the Holy Grail of products

Getting the perfect foundation base, and the perfect skin, can be a tiring and exhausting journey. The world of skin and foundations seems to be one full of contradictions. The media and make-up gurus alike reverberating in your eardrums with 'you need to look like it's a continuation of your own skin', or "your face can't look shiny' (applies powder like as thick as the sand in the sahara) yet, you need to look 'dewy' and 'glowing' (queue the over application of highlighter so you become your very own disco ball). All these running contradictions, by no surprise, make most girls want to take a long walk off a short cliff and give up on attaining the seemingly ever illusive 'perfect skin'.

I think what is most difficult is knowing what foundations are good foundations to use. I think foundation makes a make up look. You mess that up, you're done. No matter how pretty you make your smokey eye look, and how well you've perfected your gel liner (for once you haven't ended up going right up to your eyebrows trying to make the thickness of the lines even), if you look like you've been working for 30 years in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, you're still going to look bad. The key to avoiding this is making sure you go to a beauty counter and get your skin matched, if they do it, and you don't do it yourself, and it doesnt match, you'll be surprised how many brands will replace the foundation after purchase for one that matches.

I think foundation is one worth spending alot of money on: 1) the quality tends to be better 2) you get the advantage of an expert working for that brand who can advice you which type of foundation might suit you best.

My favourite foundations:
1) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (A-MAZING)-they have a huge variety of shades and it makes your skin look so glowing (I wear 5.5)
2) Clinque even better, a similar finish but slightly thicker coverages (03 ivory- for the winter months)
3) Estee lauder Doublewear Light
4) Nars Sheerglow in Fiji
5) MAC BB cream ( this is super light for summer)

The next key ingredient is concealer.  Important for dark circles, belmishes,dark spots, scars. All of the little imperfections. Now I tend to use 2 products here

1) Mac Studio Finish concealer in NW20. I use this for under my eyes, and I also put this around my brows to enhance definition once filled in.
2) Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in Medium Cool-this is swept under my eyes to the top of my cheek bones, and down the centre of my nose.

After this, and my brows I filled,I contour using my Sleek pallette (both cheap and amazing- though I don't rate the highlighter much).  

Next comes blush,of course this is very dependent in skintone. If you're darker you'll go for warmer colours, peaches for example, and if pale you'll go for cheek popping colours.

Some good blushers to consider:
1) Clinque cheek pops-4 amazing colours
2) Mac Fleur Power- a really nice matte pink
3) Mac Warm Soul (a shimmery warm brown/pink colour)

Finally, highlighting. I have two go to highlighting products. They are Mary Lou Manizer and Benefit Watts Up. Both are champagne colours, the former shimmery- more of an evening highlighter), and the latter being a creamy counterpart, giving your cheeks a Victoria's secret-esque glow. 

And that's the end of my routine. I shy away from powders as much as possible.  I think they dull the skin too much and if you're foundation is worthy of it's price- should stay entact regardless. 

I've done a step by step photo of each of these processes, from bare skin to the end of a full make up base. I usually apply Strobe cream underneath as primer/for an extra glow.  THE most amazing discovery I've ever made. 

What is your make up base routine? Happy hunting that dewy-faced look that will make you halo worthy.  Because every girl is worth it (cringe- I mean it's true but, no).

Frankie xXx


  1. My Sleek contour kit has just hit pan after months of use!

  2. Awesome post Francesca! I love clinque even better gives my skin a lovely finish. Estee Lauder Double Wear is also a fav of mine.

    1. Thanks Keisha. You should definitely try the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, life changing! Xx

  3. I love sleek contour kit and Double wear foundation

    1. Ah both amazing! Doublewear is so good at not getting on your clothes


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