Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Favourites

It's well and truly reaching into sunny climes here in the UK (thank god, I'm a huge sun worshiper and feel naked without a tan), so i've tried to throw away all my blacks and silvers, and welcome colour, colour, colour. 

So I thought I would do a post talking about my favourite go to's now its reaching the summer months, especially at work where I like to experiement with my make up.
First and foremost I thought I would talk about my favourite eyeshadows and liners. Firstly, Undercurrent by MAC is my all time favourite. It is beautiful. If someone dare attempt steal it from me- and my friends are partial to 'borrowing' my make up'- they would regret the day they placed their fingers on it. Its a really nice vibrant green, with shimmer particles in it. I have dark brown eyes so it's really nice to add a contrast to them. It lasts forever as well.  My second liner is LSD from Urban decay. It's one of their 24/7 liners and they have amazing longevity, and its really nice deep blue with shimmer.

(Top is Undercurrent, bottom is LSD)

My favourite shadows are Cranberry from MAC, I keep using this in my crease instead with a really bright pink with a bit of Buck in the outer edge, a really nicr Spring take on a smokey eye. My other two go-to's are Nocturnelle and Trax, purple works really well on dark eyes. Which brings me really nicely onto my Charlotte Tilbury Colour Morphing Shadow Pencil in Dark Pearl, which is the day colour for dark eyes. I recommend everyone to check these pencils out. The prettiest and easiest way to get a nice smokey eye. I usually hate cream shadow sticks, but Charlotte has come up with a day and a night colour for each different eye colour, which is meant to bring out your eye colour. They don't settle in your crease, and are reasonably easy to blend out. My next purchase wil definitely be the evening colour!
(Dark Pearl Charlotte Tilbury)

For highlighter and blush I've gone to MAC Fleur Power and MAC Adored Mineralise Skinfinish. Fleur Power is a really nice rose pink, matte finish, so adaptable for day and night. Adored is a pinky undertoned subtle shimmer, similar to soft and gentle, but with pink instead of gold undertones which is amazing in the sun.

(MAC Adored Mineralize Skinfinish)

I have a couple of the Barry M gel nail varnishes in Huckleberry and Greenberry. I Really like pastels like baby blue and mint for the summer, and rhe Barry M gel nails are give really good coverage with just 2 coats and last forever!

I just added on the end my favourite summer fragrance, YSL Elle. It is a really nice sweet floral smell. It is my ultimate perfume, and a must now its warmer.
What are your favourites this Spring?
Frankie xXx

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  1. Nice bunch of favs! I also love MAC's skinfinishes!

    Keisha xo