Sunday, 13 April 2014

Purple Glitter Cat eye

Ok, so the 'no make up' make up is sometimes the option that we should all strive to achieve, especially during the summer months. So let's whack out the CC cream and put away the Studio Fix Fluid, and embrace the 'au naturale' (well natural looking) and step out into the sunshine. Now, whilst I'm all for this-if you're like me and have a strong penchant for something dramatic and exciting- and I don't mean clawing at your best mates face on a drunken Friday night, fighting about who saw the hunk at the bar first (who in reality is not so much of a hunk)-no, I mean bold and dramatic make-up, then something like this, especially if adorning the 80s retro look, is right up your street.

For the eye

Actually it is a lot simplier than first percieved, it only involves a few key toold and make up bits.

1) An angled liner brush
2) Charlotte Tilbury eye smudger brush
3) A 217 Blending brush
4) A 239 eye shader brush
5) Some sellotape

Make up
1) Nocturnelle by MAC
2) Strange by Urban Decay
3) Blackout by Urban Decay
4) Reflects gold Glitter MAC
5) Bobbi Brown gel liner in Black Ink
6) Idol eyes MAC
7) Urban Decay Primer potion in Eden

1) So firstly put the tape across the eye, following the direction lower lash line, out at an angle.
2) Prime the lid with Urban decay Eden.
3) Pat Strange onto the lid with your 239.
4) Using your 217 take Nocturnelle across the crease and just above, going right up to the tape.
5) Clean your 239 and place idol eyes ontl the lid, followed by your Reflects Gold Glitter.
6) Now take your Charlotte Tilbury Eye Smudger Brush and take Blackout and put this on your crease to create a shadow, blend this out with a 217.
7) Take your angled brush and place your Bobbi Brown Gel liner on the top of your eye and below, creating a cat eye, creating and flick at the end of the eye by following the line of the tape right up to the where it finishes.
8) Apply mascara or fake lashes and you are done!

Excuse the crazy hair, it was unintentional, though it does seem to match the 80s look.

Frankie xXx


  1. Fabulous look! I love the glitter. The bushy hair looks great with this look...I agree it has an 80's feel.

    Keisha xo

  2. Hey Frankie :) I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Find out how you can participate here xx